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Our experienced team is supervised at all times by a head staff member. Our equipment is installed, maintained and serviced by trained and qualified members. Rental Contracts guarantee a “problem free” service, therefore, we replace, repair and maintain all equipment due to normal ‘wear and tear”.  All outdated equipment may be upgraded if the need arises. Our service staff is well trained and uniformed, driving suitable vehicles that are clean and well maintained. We will endeavour to develop a service culture at every level of the company. We are passionate about providing you with a high quality, reliable service.

Color Coding

Color coding is a service we offer to transform all standard white hygiene dispensers.

Product Deliveries

Whether your hygiene product orders are big or small, we will go the extra mile.

Chemical Deep Cleans

Clean restrooms reflect positively on your employees, customers, and visitors.

Pest Control

We place a strong emphasis on using eco- friendly pesticides.

No Service Is Too Big Or Small.